The latest version of Yellowfin offers the following major enhancements:




    • Learn all about Assisted Insights to see how Yellowfin uses machine learning to generate instant insights and assist with data discovery.
    • Use the new Data Transformation module to extract data from any source, transform it, and store it into a database.
    • Now advanced analytics can be performed by integrating data science models into the platform.





    • Tooltips have been enhanced to provide exact information, as well as interactivity with the inclusion of newly incorporated options.
    • A new look for the Activity Stream provides increased and instant collaboration.
    • New chart settings are included to better control data presentation and chart visualizations. 


Latest Release Notes

Refer to the latest release notes for further details on what's new in the latest version of Yellowfin:

Yellowfin 7.4 Release Notes.pdf




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