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Yellowfin 7.4.16

As 2020 comes to a close, so does Yellowfin’s v7 series. These are the final release notes and updates to v7, which was introduced in 2017 with the latest technologies at that time. As we move into 2021, we will further advance Yellowfin 9 and continue to support Yellowfin 8. 

If you’re currently using Yellowfin 7, you can read more about its retirement here.



  • Upgraded performance for loading access level information when a system has tens of thousands of users.
  • Improved security through validation to prevent potential SQL injections in Freehand SQL calculated fields.
  • Improved email security by adding an option to allow password resets via email links, avoiding potential DoS, and by modifying the on-screen confirmation message to prevent username enumeration.
  • Added a cooling-down period between emails sent from Yellowfin to avoid denial of service.
  • Added error logging to identify corrupt data in the contentmanagement table.
  • Improved file type validation for the Add Reference Code feature which allows for CSV file uploads.
  • Added a background task to clean up thumbnails of deleted reports.


  • Improved the UI by wrapping the View field details in the Select View area of the New Report dialog box.


  • Added new indexes and made performance improvements to the View Import and View Activation processes.


Content import/export

  • Resolved an issue where exporting a report to PDF with a company logo enabled would cause an error.


  • Resolved an issue where dashboard filter values would not be applied in Assisted Insights.
  • Resolved an issue where filter values were not being applied in linked reports on dashboards.
  • Resolved an issue where migrating schedule records would fail upon upgrade.


  • Resolved an issue that would prevent a user with a duplicate email address from being updated when skipEmailDupCheck was enabled.
  • Resolved a potential XSS (cross-site scripting) vulnerability within the report name in Report Builder.
  • Resolved an issue that would break columns of the Browse page when a user was assigned to a copied role.


  • Resolved an issue that would cause an error when Minimum/Maximum Value was selected from the Report filter list.
  • Resolved an issue where altering report column fields would not update the related canvas text widget references.
  • Resolved an issue where a union joined report would fail with back end exceptions.


  • Resolved an issue that would cause extra dialog boxes to appear when creating a new access filter via the Access Filter Record tab.
  • Resolved an issue that would unintentionally empty the search box of text after performing a search and adding or removing a calculated field to a report.
  • Resolved an issue where columns hidden to custom user roles on the browse page would be displayed.
  • Resolved an issue on the Browse page that would allow users to see views in a restricted folder.
  • Resolved an issue where a chart with variance could not be deleted.
  • Resolved an issue where some views would not be displayed in the Browse page.

To fully benefit from all the recent features of Yellowfin, including redesigned dashboards, new presentations, pixel-perfect PDFs and a streamlined UI, please consider upgrading to the latest version of Yellowfin. Don’t forget to read our guide to Change Management for further details on upgrading to Yellowfin 9.

Yellowfin 7.4.15

Yellowfin 7 includes Yellowfin Assisted Insights, data transformations and advanced analytics. To fully benefit from all of the features of Yellowfin including redesigned dashboards, new presentations, pixel-perfect PDFs and a streamlined UI, please consider upgrading to the latest version of Yellowfin.



  • Refactored the "remove" option in stick.jquery.js by passing in a reference to scrollElement with the scroll event so as to clean up the listener and remove cloned sticky elements at the same time.


  • Upgraded
    • Upgraded jQuery library to version 3.5.1
    •  jaxws-rt 2.2.10
    • PostgreSQL JDBC driver to 42.2.14
    • Apache Commons FileUpload to version 1.4
    • SnakeYAML to version 1.26.
  • Enhanced the JSESSIONID cookie to support SameSite, which is slowly being rolled out in many browsers (learn more).
  • Removed ColumnarDB as a new datasource type (existing ColumnarDBs aren’t affected).
  • Added event auditing for user role updates in the Admin console.

User Interface

  • Added an option to show or hide the minimum/maximum value in the report filter value list.
  • Added the ability to set a user's regional display preferences for decimal and thousand separators based on the language configured for that user.
  • FTP broadcast can now optionally add a timestamp to a file name.
  • Hard-coded filters can now be passed through to child reports during drill through.
  • Converted report date fields from metric to dimension for the import process.
  • Updated all date pickers to follow the global 'Week Start Day' setting.



  • Resolved an issue for manual and API imports of time series reports and charts that would switch time granularity and aggregation to their defaults.
  • Resolved a specific error on the view builder Prepare tab that would block XML imports.
  • Updated the process of importing report-based views to always include their parent reports.


  • Resolved an issue where a field folder not in use could not be deleted if another customer on the same installation had a field folder with the same name and content within.

User Interface

  • Resolved an issue that would prevent advanced broadcast from using email addresses from an edited report.
  • Resolved an issue where Approval Required reports would not appear in the active reports.
  • Resolved an issue where the column formatting option, Suppress Duplicates, would not work on column reports based on Freehand SQL queries.
  • Resolved an issue that impacted the security of views in a report sub-query.
  • Resolved an issue where the Share Private Report role would disappear after an incremental upgrade.


  • We addressed lots of small issues around filtering, such as previous values persisting and caching issues. In detail, we resolved issues where:
    • a timestamp or converted date filter would not work as a parent dependent filter;
    • adding a new field to a view level filter group that had existing reports would corrupt the reports;
    • creating a calculated filter would filter out calculated fields;
    • converting predefined dates of parameter filters would throw exceptions; and,
    • the value of dependent filters would update incorrectly.

To learn about our more recent features, read about the latest version of Yellowfin (and take a look at the Change Management PDF for more info about upgrading) and upgrade.

Download Yellowfin here.

Yellowfin 7.4 - older

Enhancements & highlights


    • Learn all about Assisted Insights to see how Yellowfin uses machine learning to generate instant insights and assist with data discovery.
    • Use the new Data Transformation module to extract data from any source, transform it, and store it into a database.
    • Now advanced analytics can be performed by integrating data science models into the platform.


    • Tooltips have been enhanced to provide exact information, as well as interactivity with the inclusion of newly incorporated options.
    • A new look for the Activity Stream provides increased and instant collaboration.
    • New chart settings are included to better control data presentation and chart visualizations. 

Original Release Notes

Refer to the latest release notes for further details on what's new in Yellowfin 7.4:

Yellowfin 7.4 Release Notes.pdf

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