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From your Dashboard Overview you can drill into more detail. There are three drill types available - a Drill Through to a different report, a Drill Down within the same report using a predefined hierarchy, or a Drill Anywhere within the same report using dimensions selected by the user. Drill capability is indicated by hyperlinks on fields within your report.

Drill Down

Drill Down reports do not open a new report, but drill into the detail of an existing report. For example you may be able to drill from
Year > Month > Week
When you click on the link to the report will refresh with detail updated. For example if your report contained Year and you clicked on 2003 the refreshed report will display all months for 2003.

See Drill Down Reports for more information.

Drill Reset

If you have drilled down multiple layers or down multiple hierarchies you may wish to reset your report to its original state. This can be done by selecting the reset option from the report drop down menu. As shown in the image above. Your report is automatically reset each time you login to Yellowfin.

Drill Anywhere

Drill Anywhere reports allow the user to select from a list of available dimension fields to drill to. When you click on a drill enabled field, a popup list of dimensions will appear.

Select the desired field and the report will be refreshed.

See Drill Anywhere Reports for more information.

Drill Through into Detail

Some reports that you add to you dashboard may permit you to drill through to a different report with more detail. This will be evident from data that has a Hyperlink on it. To view more detail click the hyperlinked data, this will open a new report with a greater level of detail.

See Drill Through Reports for more information.