This section provides detailed guides and documentation that will allow developers to use Yellowfin functionality and APIs in their own environments.



Data Source Connectors

Create custom third-party connectors to extract data from a data source. >>>

Advanced Functions

Create your own advanced functions to be used in Yellowfin reports. >>>


Refer to our deployment section for a selection of guides on setting up different environments. >>>




Transformation Widgets

Build your own ETL widgets to be used in Yellowfin's Data Transformation module. >>>

Custom Formatters

Use this guide to create your own custom formatters. >>>

Custom Converters

Code your own data type converters with the help of this manual. >>>




Generic Configuration UI

This section provides information on a generic API for configuration and persistence to plug-ins. >>>

Data Science Integration

Integrate your PMML, PFA, R, and data science models into Yellowfin. >>>


Learn about the various methods Yellowfin could be integration into a third-party application. >>>




Web Services API

Integrate advanced BI functionality into your application with Yellowfin's web services. >>>



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