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Licence Management

Yellowfin allows you to manage your licence either via an external page (without logging in) or from the administration panel. The Administration panel also provides you with an overview of your licence variables such as number of users and expiry dates.

See Licence Management for more information.


Upgrading Yellowfin

You can upgrade your instance of Yellowfin to a newer version.

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Backup and Recovery

Yellowfin does not come with a specialised backup or recovery facility. We recommend that the application code and data is backed up as per your standard Disaster Recovery procedures.


The Yellowfin database is the single most important component that requires frequent backing up and should be ear marked for rapid recovery in the case of a system or media failure. There are many methods for ensuring recoverability of data including RAID, file system backups and vendor specific backup and image copy facilities.

At a minimum it is recommended that a database dump be made as frequently as possible and stored on a device separate to the production database server. The database administrator should devise a suitable backup strategy.

The Yellowfin application server contains the code base which performs all the processing. Whilst it is possible to reinstall the application it is recommended that file system backups of this code base be made as per existing customer procedures. This will lead to a faster and more efficient application recovery than re-installing the product in the case of system or media failure.


Disaster Recovery

Restoring Yellowfin in case of hardware failure or software corruption.

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