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You may want to run custom SQL against the Yellowfin configuration database as part of the installation. This could be used to further customise the installation, set additional configuration parameters, create additional users etc. This can be done by creating an XML file containing the SQL queries you want to run, including it in the installer archive (see Adding Files to the Installer), and setting the following property:

Custom SQL




This property points to a resource in the installer archive. This should be an XML file containing SQL commands to run against the Yellowfin configuration database after it has been set up.



The structure of the XML file is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <query> ... </query>
  <query> ... </query>

Each of the <query> elements contains an SQL command to run against the Yellowfin configuration database. The file may contain any number of queries.

The SQL commands in this XML file will be run at the end of the installation process, after the installer has finished setting up the Yellowfin data. Please note that while Yellowfin support will try to help debug any issues caused by using this property, modifications made to the configuration database are done at your own risk.




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