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Yellowfin provides a range of Web Services that allow a developer to programmatically access and manipulate server resources.


SOAP Services

 Yellowfin provides an extensive range of SOAP web services (Simple Object Access Protocol). These services allow access to certain administration functions and also allow report content to be obtained. Customers typically use the admin services to automate common administrative tasks such as deploying new client organizations and content. The Report Services can be used to build custom mobile apps or batch reporting processes. SOAP is a legacy protocol that, whilst robust, has recently been dropping in popularity. Yellowfin will continue to maintain and support the existing SOAP services, and at the same time introduce a set of RESTful web services.

For full documentation on Yellowfin's SOAP web services, click here.

REST Services

The full documentation of the current REST services is available in our external developer site. Click here to access it.