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There are several ways you can access your content in Yellowfin. These include the Dashboard, Browse & Search, Left Side Navigation, and Timeline functionality.


The Yellowfin dashboard is your personal reporting portal. At a glance you can view all your key reports on a single page.
The dashboard allows you to switch between tabs to view different reports.

See Yellowfin Dashboards for more information.

Browse page & Search tool

The Browse page is one of the main ways to find and run reports in Yellowfin. It contains filters and sorting options, as well as a search tool to narrow down your selection, plus a tile view or file list view. Either view shows you all the reports that you have access, and you can add these as dashboard tabs or to your list of favorite files for faster access.

See Browse Page for more information.

Left Side Navigation

This left navigation pane is set as the default display for accessing the different areas of Yellowfin. It provides fast access to your own preferences (to change passwords, manage favorites etc.) and to Yellowfin content. The navigation pane is collapsible so it won't be in the way while you're viewing  reports, dashboards and other content, but can always be accessed via the burger bun  in the top left corner of the Yellowfin screen.

See Navigation for more information.


The timeline is used to view event information around selected users and/or types of content.

See Timeline for more information.