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Start the Report creation process by using one of these methods:


  • Left Side Nav - open the left side navigation panel, click on Create, select the Report option

  • Top Right Button - click on the create button, select the Report option.

  • Toolbar - click on the Create link in the toolbar, select the Report option.

You will now see the New Report lightbox.

Note: Only users with CREATE access to the reporting function will be able to create new reports.

Left Side Nav

Top Right

(with Left Side Navigation enabled)



Authoring Options

Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and Drop builder allows users to use a pre-defined data view to build their reports. All business logic is built into the view. CSV Import can take place as part of this builder, if the user has permission to access these options.

See Drag & Drop Builder for more information.

Note: all the Report Builder documentation uses the Drag and Drop Builder unless otherwise specified.

Freehand SQL

These allow the report writer to define the query, rather than using a predefined view.

See Freehand SQL Reports for more information.

Jasper Reports

You can use a Jasper XML report editor such as iReports to create pixel perfect crystal style reports. This definition can be loaded into Yellowfin.

See Jasper XML Reports for more information.

BIRT Reports

You can create load previously defined BIRT reports into Yellowfin.

See BIRT XML Reports for more information.

Note: for most users it is recommended that you choose the Drag and Drop report creation method.