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This type of transformation is used to create a duplicate field with the same values, essentially creating a “copy” of the field. This is ideal for situations where data needs to be changed, but the original still needs to be preserved.

The duplicated field will reflect the current state of the original field. For instance, if a Substring transformation has been applied to a field and then it is duplicated, the duplicate will have the substring as well. However, if it is deleted from the original field, it will be removed from the duplicated field as well.

Fields that can be duplicated should be of the following data type: Text, Numeric, Date/Timestamp.



This transformation is done directly on column fields once a step has been configured, and data is generated in the Data Transformation module. Follow these steps to create a duplicate field:

  1. Either click on the menu icon next to a field’s name in the data preview panel.


  2. Or click on the menu option next to a field in the Configure panel, under the Fields tab.

  3. A menu will appear for the selected field.

  4. Click on the Duplicate Field option.

  5. A new field with the exact same values will be created.

  6. You can rename this field, and even perform further transformations and changes to it.




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