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Please note that Data Transformation is no longer supported by Yellowfin. To find out more about your support options, please review the following support articleFor further information please contact support.

The Data Transformation module offers different ways of performing transformations on your data. These include transformation steps that can be dragged into a flow, performing inline field transformations, and even data conversion. Besides the transformation steps that come included with this module, you can also download and install plug-ins to include more steps in your environment.

Here is a breakdown of the different ways of performing transformations:

  • Built-in transformations: This refers to transformations in the transformation step panel that come included in the data transformation module. These do not require any type of set up.
  • Inline field transformations: This refers to functions that users can perform directly on the data (in the data preview panel or the step configuration panel).

Following is a list of all the transformations that you can perform on your data. Click on a transformation name to learn how to use it in your flow.





Built-in transformation step

This step transforms your data into a summary form, by applying functions like count, count distinct, sum, average, etc.

Calculated Field

Built-in transformation step

This step creates a calculated field based on other fields in the step.


Built-in transformation step

This step is for filtering data in a step.


Built-in transformation step

This step merges two sets of data based on the configured Join Fields.


Built-in transformation step

This step duplicates an input dataset to create identical output datasets.

UnionBuilt-in transformation stepThis step combines the data from two steps together.
Date ComponentBuilt-in transformation stepThis step extracts specific date elements from date fields.
Data Type ConversionsInline Field transformationSet of functions used to convert the data type of a field into another type. For example, text can be converted into numeric values, SQL date, or SQL timestamp.
GeoPoint ConversionData type conversionGenerate GeoPoint values based on geographical data.
Duplicate Field

Inline Field transformation

Create a copy of the data field.
Number PrecisionInline Field transformationRound off a numeric value.
Sub-stringInline Field transformationExtract part of a string.
Switch CaseInline Field transformationConvert text to all uppercase, all lowercase, or proper case.
White SpaceInline Field transformationRemove white space from data.
Find and ReplaceInline Field transformationSearch for specific data values and replace them with other values.
Grouped DataInline Field transformationGroup a field's values.
Nulls to ZeroInline Field transformation

Replaces every null value in a numeric field with zero.

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