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Yellowfin provides a number of opportunities for developers to extend out of the box functionality using the plug-in framework. This allows for the creation of custom Data Transformation (ETL) steps, connectors to third-party API data sources, advanced functions for implementing custom calculations on top of a report data-set, the ability to create custom widgets for the Dashboard Canvas, custom data formatters and connectors and more.

Start here by reading an overview of the plug-in framework: Plugin Development Basics.

Read about each area of functionality in the following sections:

Custom Data Source Connectors

Create custom third-party connectors to extract data from a data source. Learn More

Custom Advanced Functions

Create your own advanced functions to be used in Yellowfin reports. Learn More

Custom Formatters

Use this guide to create your own custom formatters. Learn More

Custom Data Type Converters

Code your own data type converters with the help of this manual. Learn More

Custom Transformation Widgets

Build your own ETL widgets to be used in Yellowfin's Data Transformation module. Learn More

Generic Configuration UI

This section provides information on a generic API for configuration and persistence to plug-ins. Learn More

Data Science Integration

Integrate your PMML, PFA, R, and data science models into Yellowfin. Learn More

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