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This Getting Started Tutorial provides a practical, step by step tutorial to some of the key features in Yellowfin. It's designed to accelerate your learning journey and have you building great Analytic content in the shortest possible time.

The guide is organized in a sequential way, so be sure to follow the steps in order. The tutorial covers core features of Yellowfin, as well as some more advanced topics. There are multiple links along the way that can jump you to other sections of the Wiki in order to explore certain concepts in more detail.

By following all the steps you will:

  • Learn basic administration concepts such as creating Users, User Groups, managing Roles and creating Folder structures to store any content (Reports, Dashboards) that you build.
  • Create a View using the Ski-Team Tutorial Database that is installed with Yellowfin
  • Create a set of Reports and Charts that include some advanced features such as Drill Down, Conditional Formatting, Series Selection and Calculated Fields.
  • Combine the Reports and Charts into a set of Dashboards
  • Learn how to create a Connection to your own Data Source, so you can get started creating Analytic content on your own Data

Explore the first topic - Getting Started with Administration.

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