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Map charts are ideal for showcasing geographical data.

Types of Map Charts

The following table will provide you with information on the different map types and reasons for using each of them, linking you to their individual tutorials.


Google Map

Google Maps allow you to render location data points onto a Google map which will be displayed as a Yellowfin Chart – along with associated Google map widgets. You will have to have a Google Map Key to use this type of chart

GIS Google Map

A Google map which uses GIS data for its marker coordinates.


GIS Maps allow the rendering of complex GIS polygons. These can be used to render spatial reports on the fly based on the GIS data available in a report.

GIS Bubble Map

A bubble map in which bubble positions are specified by GIS points.

GIS Heat Map

A heat map where colours representing GIS points are blended based on intensity. 

Raster Map

If you do not have GIS defined columns you can use the Image Maps to create heat maps – these are a good way to display metrics with a spatial element such as Revenue by State or Country You will only be able to render maps for which an image map has been defined.
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