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Yellowfin’s plug-in loader will accept standard JAR files, however any dependencies will need to be loaded individually into the same plug-in group.  An alternative to loading all JAR files individually is to create a YFP package. A YFP package is just a standard zip file renamed with a “yfp” extension. This will allow the user to load all dependencies with a single file upload into Yellowfin. 

When creating a YFP package all JAR files should be placed in the root of the YFP zip file. Only external dependencies should be included in the YFP file. Do not include Yellowfin build dependencies.

Additionally, out-of-the-box content can also be embedded in a YFP file. The out-of-the-box content is contained in a standard Yellowfin export XML file. This should also be placed in the root of the YFP zip file, and be renamed to content.xml. Yellowfin will detect this and import this content when a new data source is created with this DataSource. 



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