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This section covers the major actions that readers can perform on a published Story, such as exploring Signals, interacting with reports, or commenting on and liking the Story.






Click the Follow button to follow the author of the Story and receive notifications of their activity on your Timeline.



Click the like mobile-app-like-button.png button to like or unlike a Story. The total number of users who have liked the Story is also shown.



Click on the number to view the users who have read the Story.



Click the favorite mobile-app-favorite-button.png button to mark the Story as a favorite, for quicker access to the Story at a later time.



Click Share to send the Story to other users.



Click the Activity Stream button to leave comments, add tasks, or add secure comments on a published Story.

Exploring linked signals

Signal charts added to a Story can be explored via an Explore button below such charts. Click on the Explore button to open the linked Signal. 

Note: Users must have Yellowfin Signals for this button to appear.

If a Signal is deleted after its chart is added to a story, the Explore button will no longer appear, even though the chart is still displayed in the story.

Interacting with reports

Readers can interact with live reports embedded within a published Story. Depending on the features of the report, readers are able to:

  • Open the published report page.
  • View applied filters within the Story or apply filters via the published report page.
  • Click on one or many chart elements to view their values.
  • Apply any drill options within the Story or via the published report page.

The following steps summarize an interaction with a report in a Story.

  1. Open a published Story with an embedded report, and scroll down to that report 
    The report menu toolbar is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the report visualization

  2. Hover your mouse over the Filter  tool
    A tooltip will display any filters applied to the report

  3. Hover your mouse over a report element and click to select it
    A tooltip will display the relevant data for that element, and any drill options (if applicable)

  4. Click and drag your mouse over several chart elements
    The cumulative values and related details will be shown for the selected elements

  5. Click the Open Report  tool on the report

    The published report page will be displayed, providing you with access to all available report data, drill options, available filters, and the report toolbar

  6. Click the Return to Story button to close the published report page and go back to the Story

Story summary

Much like most Yellowfin content, a summary on information related to a Story is also provided. This includes story details, such as the folder it’s saved in, when it was last modified, its unique content ID in Yellowfin (UUID), and more. 

  1. To view it, open a published story, click on the More button, and choose Summary

    A popup will appear displaying summarized details on the selected story

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