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As of version 8, Yellowfin will no longer be a standalone platform, but a suite of 5 different products. The Yellowfin Suite comprises five industry-leading components with different capabilities like automated analysis, storytelling, dashboard monitoring, data analysis, and data preparation. Each product can be used individually or as part of the complete integrated suite.

Yellowfin Data Prep

This product is used to connect to your data source and prepare your data for analysis. This will be used by administrators to prepare data to make it ready for analysis. Includes components such as data source connections, View builder, and Data Transformation.

Yellowfin Data Discovery

The core data analysis product that lets you explore your data, build reports and charts, and share insights. Rich in features such as the report builder, Assisted Insights, advanced functions, collaboration, and more. Learn more.

Yellowfin Dashboards

A Yellowfin dashboard is the best way to visualise data that drives action. Create great looking dashboards that are easy to use and deliver automated insights. With greater flexibility and functionality that drives action, you can do things never before done in a dashboard, helping you do what you do best. Learn more.

Yellowfin Data Storytelling

Consists of Yellowfin Stories, a data storytelling product that lets provide narrative to your data, and Yellowfin Present, a presentation module designed for data led communications.

Yellowfin Signals

An automated analytics product that runs analysis in the background and automatically discovers the most relevant insights. Alerts of important changes are send to appropriate users, who can explore why these occur and get to the root of the problem. Learn More.

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