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Yellowfin Present is a fully integrated presentation module designed for data led communications. This module contains functionality similar to that of the dashboard canvas. A presentation slide supports the use of multiple types of content, including live reports, text, images, shapes and icons, action buttons, filters, and even code widgets. 

Note: Each presentation slide has the same functionality as a dashboard canvas, including support for multiple content widgets, as well as dual editor modes and a preview mode. The same holds true for developer centric technology, such as Code Mode (that allows you to view and edit slide code and its contents), and Code Widgets (reusable widgets that perform advanced, interactive coding functionality on a slide). 

Yellowfin’s Storyboard module has been deprecated as of version 9.0. It has been replaced by Yellowfin Present.

Interacting with Yellowfin Present

Here are some of the interactions you can perform on a published presentation:

  • Navigation: Navigate back and forth between slides by clicking on the arrow buttons on either side of a slide.
  • Apply filters: If filters are added to reports, they can be used to filter live report data within a presentation.
  • Slider: Drag the slider to move through the presentation slides.

Click here to see more interactions.


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