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Adding objects to a presentation

A variety of objects can be added to the presentation from the left side widget navigation. 




Add reports in the form of charts or tables to your presentation. You can provide interactive reports, report bookmarks, snapshots, or entire report canvas.


Add report filters to filter data directly on the presentation.


Add headlines or descriptive text. Customize it to match any text styling.


Add shapes, icons, or lines to further enhance your presentation’s design.


Incorporate static images to your presentation.

Blueprints & Quick Charts

Add chart placeholders or quickly create simple charts directly on the presentation. 

Code widgets

Add custom or Yellowfin packaged code widgets.

Action ButtonsAdd action buttons that trigger events upon clicking.

Managing presentation objects

This section covers multiple options to manage objects on a presentation.

Object actions

Right-click on any object to display a menu of actions you can perform on it. Alternatively, you can click on the  icon that pops over the object to bring up this menu. The options and their functionality are explained below:




Copy the selected object, or multiple objects to the clipboard.


Paste the copied object(s) onto the presentation.

Branch ReportThis option creates a copy of the selected report, along with any filters applied to it. However the SQL query is only run once. You can then display a different chart of the same report, or even a chart and a table.
Edit Report

Allows you to edit the selected report in the Report Builder, by navigating to the selected report step. Options include:

  • Data: Navigates to the report’s data step.
  • Chart: Navigates to the report’s chart step.


Creates a duplicate copy of  selected object(s) and displays it onto the presentation.


Apply quick rotation options to the selected widget. Options include:

  • Rotate 180: Rotates the object 180 degrees, so if its upright, it rotates upside down.
  • Rotate 90 CW: Rotates the object 90 degrees in a clockwise motion.
  • Rotate 90 CCW: Rotates the object 90 degrees in a counterclockwise motion.
  • Clear Transform: Remove any type of the above transforms applied to the object.


Aligns the selected object(s) on the slide according to the following options:

  • Left: aligns selected objects on their left side.
  • Centre Vertically: centred vertically, but doesn’t change position horizontally.
  • Right: aligns objects on their right side.
  • Top: aligns objects to top.
  • Centre Horizontally: centered horizontally, but doesn’t change position vertically.
  • Bottom: aligns objects to bottom.
  • Centre: centrally aligns object.


Change the arrangement of the selected object by moving it to the foreground or background. Options are:

  • Bring to Front: moves the selected object to the front of all other objects if multiple are stacked on top of one another.
  • Bring Forwards: moves the selected object a step forward, when multiple objects are stacked on top of one another.
  • Send Backwards: moves the selected object to the back of other objects if multiple are stacked on top of one another.
  • Send to Back: moves the selected object a step backward, when multiple objects are stacked on top of one another.
DeleteDeletes the selected object(s).
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