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Yellowfin Report web services are used to render Yellowfin reports on an external webpage or user interface. These services will allow you to run a report and return it in a specified format, such as HTML, PDF, CSV, etc. Some additional web services are also included that cover certain administrative tasks that you could perform on a report.

Note: To be able to call Report web services, you need to have a Yellowfin server license.

Categories of Report Services

The report web services are divided into the following sections.

Report formattingThese are related to the report formatting, such as PDF, DOC, HTML, etc.
Functional report servicesOther functions that can be performed on Yellowfin reports, including fetching a report's metadata, filter options, or even email a report.


See a list of all the report service object definitions.

Note: See here for a list of Yellowfin's legacy report services that are still active.




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