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Developers can use code widgets to implement all sorts of functionality and content within Yellowfin. Once you've followed our guide to creating a code widget and you're ready to create your own, you might also find these links useful.

More information within our wiki on the Resource object: The Resource Object

More information within our wiki about the Wdiget API: Widget API

More information within our wiki on the basics of Yellowfin plugin development: Plugin Development Basics

JavaDoc covering the parameters of the Code Widget Properties panel:

Code examples

Video widget example available on Github:

Creating a code widget — detailed steps

When you're ready to get started with code widgets, follow this process:

  1. Write the back-end code
  2. Write the front-end code.
  3. Customize the Code Widget Properties panel (optional).
  4. Bundle the code into a jar file, then upload it to Yellowfin.

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