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Yellowfin's Data Transformation module lets you update the data type of your data fields. This is done directly on the data fields in the data preview panel.

This guide will teach you how to change the data type of your Text field to Timestamp




  1. Ensure that your data preview panel contains a text field that you wish to convert to a timestamp field.
  2. Expand the data conversion menu of a text field, and click on Text to SQL Timestamp.

  3. A new popup will appear. You may view date and time format patterns and examples by clicking on the information button.

  4. Provide the exact format of the timestamp as shown in data column in order to convert it. The sample data will show which values will be converted as you enter the format.

  5. Only the values with the specified format will be changed to the date type; if the data column includes any other formats, then those values will be ignored. For example, if we include 'at' in our time format when the data does not contain this string, then those values will not be converted.

  6. Once ready, click Save to apply this conversion. You will be able to view the change in the data preview panel.



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