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Once a step has been configured in the transformation flow, data will appear in the data preview panel in the form of column fields. You can then convert the data type of a field into something that suits your requirements. For example, text can be converted into numeric values, SQL date, or SQL timestamp.

This type of transformation is done directly on the data in the data preview panel. Click on the drop down icon next to a field’s data type and select the target data type.



Types of Data Type Conversions

This table explains all the different types of data type conversions. 

Note: These are Yellowfin's view level converters. Users can write their own type of converters and include them in the platform.

Data type conversion

Related type


Text to Numeric


To convert a text or string into numeric values. However, this will only work if the data values are numbers.

Text to SQL Date


To convert text to SQL date.

Text to SQL Timestamp


To convert text to SQL timestamp. 

Java timestamp


To convert numeric value to a Java timestamp.

Numeric Divide


To divide the values with a specified denominator.
Numeric to SQL DateNumericTo convert numeric data to SQL date.
Numeric to SQL TimestampNumericTo convert numeric data to SQL timestamp.
Numeric to TextNumericTo convert numeric data to text.

Note: The process involved in some of these data type conversions is fairly simple, and do not require additional steps. 




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