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Yellowfin's Administration Services are used to perform administrative functions, such as perform single sign-ons, manage users and client organizations, and more. Below is a list of all these functions.

Categories of Administration Services

The administration web services are categorized into the following sections.

Single sign-onThis category is related to user authentication services, that allows them to access multiple organizations.
User managementThe services displayed in this section involve user management and replication.
Group & role administrationThese web services are related to managing user roles and groups.
Client organization managementThese web services are used to manage Yellowfin's Client Org. functionality.
User object retrieval & manipulationThe function calls in this category can be used to retrieve or manipulate user objects, mainly report and dashboard details.
Content folder/category managementUse these calls to manage folders/categories and sub-folders/subcategories, including user access.
Export & import contentThese group of functions are related to exporting or importing Yellowfin content.
Schedule managementThese web services can be used to manage Yellowfin's schedule management functionality.
Cache managementThese special set of web services are used to manage caches in a cluster environment.
Data source managementThe web services highlighted in this section will allow you to manage your data sources.
Configuration & settingsThese web services can be used to manage Yellowfin's configuration settings.
View managementA set of web services to update a Yellowfin view.

Miscellaneous web services

Some additional web services, including some you can use for testing the server, perform SQL queries, manage folders, etc.

A separate section is also included that provides details on the object definitions of administration services.

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