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Yellowfin exists in a number of formats for the cloud. Spin up a quick instance for a demo, or install your own instance of Yellowfin for full customization. There are Yellowfin deployments to suit all stages of a project on the platform of your choice.

When running Yellowfin in the cloud, choose from:

  • a ‘traditional’ application installation (via an installer);
  • a containerized deployment; or,
  • a cloud-specific deployment, included in your plan, such as Yellowfin for AMI (AWS EC2).

The first two deployment types are discussed on our Install And Deploy Yellowfin wiki page, including types of usage and what’s included with each deployment.

A cloud-specific deployment is typically easy to spin up. However, each cloud platform has its own unique UI, pricing and environment options, and you should be familiar with the one you're using.

In this section, we provide steps for as many deployment types as possible for the most popular cloud platforms. Choose your platform from the pages in this section, then follow the steps that best match your deployment type.

We currently include steps for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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