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This general set up process is suitable for installing and running Yellowfin on a Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX based desktop or laptop. 

Cloud and container installations

This installation process can also be used to install Yellowfin on cloud platforms if you're not using a pre-installed version of Yellowfin that is available on some cloud deployments (not suitable for long-term deployments). Take a look at our Install in the Cloud for more information on what cloud options are available, including steps to get your environment ready for this installation.

If you wish to install Yellowfin within a Docker container, please refer to the Install in a Container section of the wiki for full installation instructions and example deployments.

Time estimation

Estimated installation time (for first-time install) is about 30 to 60 minutes. This includes time for preparation to install, which you may have already completed, the installation process, and starting the Yellowfin application for the first time.

Post-installation activities

After successful completion of your installation, you should configure Yellowfin and spend some time learning about log files and other useful information. You'll find full details on our Deploy Yellowfin page.

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