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General Structure

Once you have installed Yellowfin on your system, an application/program folder will be created for the instance. This page discusses the main files and folders that will be present within that folder.

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Directory Path or FileContent Description

This folder contains Apache Tomcat Java application server binaries, scripts and configuration files.

appserver>binYellowfin/Tomcat startup and shutdown scripts.
appserver>conf Tomcat configuration files including server.xml.
appserver>logsYellowfin and Tomcat log files.
appserver>webapps>ROOTYellowfin web application server binaries, scripts and configuration files.
dataDefault Yellowfin Configuration database properties and script files.

Yellowfin development libraries, documentation and sample code.

development>doc>webservices>javadocDocumentation for Yellowfin web services.
docEmpty folder.
legalThis folder contains Yellowfin and third-party license agreements and notes.
tutorialdataSki Team tutorial database files.
UninstallerA program to uninstall Yellowfin from your system.
yellowfin.warYellowfin web application archive used by Apache Tomcat Java application server.
YellowfinInstallLog-YYYYMMDD.logA log file created by the Yellowfin installer.

The ROOT Directory

The ROOT folder within appserver>webapps also contains some of the web application's main scripts and files.

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Directory Path or FileContent Description
ROOT>customcssPlace custom css files in this directory. Any files in this directory with a .css extension will be included in all pages.
ROOT>customimagesPlace custom image files in this directory. Any files in this directory will override files in the images directory with the same name.
ROOT>js>chartingLibrariesAdditional JavaScript chart libraries can be placed here.
ROOT>WEB-INF>custom-functions.xmlCustom SQL functions can be added to this file.
ROOT>WEB-INF>libAdditional JDBC drivers can be placed here.
ROOT>WEB-INF>log4j.propertiesYellowfin log level can be set in this file.
ROOT>WEB-INF>web.xmlMain Yellowfin web application configuration file.

Log file location

For detailed information on the location and content of log files, see the Logs and Logging page.

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