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General structure

Once you have installed Yellowfin on your system, an application/program folder will be created for the instance. This page discusses the main files and folders that will be present within that folder.

Your new Yellowfin directory contains some useful information and resources. The table below outlines the most useful.

Directory Path or FileContent Description

This folder contains Apache Tomcat Java application server binaries, scripts and configuration files.

\appserver\binYellowfin/Tomcat startup and shutdown scripts.
\appserver\confTomcat configuration files including server.xml.
\appserver\logsYellowfin and Tomcat log files.
\appserver\webapps\ROOTYellowfin web application server binaries, scripts and configuration files (see table below for further details).
\dataDefault Yellowfin configuration database properties and script files.

Yellowfin development libraries, documentation and sample code.

\development\doc\webservices\javadocDocumentation for Yellowfin web services.
\docEmpty folder reserved for future use.
\legalYellowfin and third-party license agreements and notes.
\tutorialdataSki Team tutorial database files.
\UninstallerA program to uninstall Yellowfin from your system.
\yellowfin.warYellowfin web application archive used by Apache Tomcat Java application server.
\YellowfinInstallLog-YYYYMMDD.logA log file created by the Yellowfin installer (see Logs and Logging for more info).

The ROOT directory

The ROOT folder within \appserver\webapps contains some of the web application's main scripts and files.


The table below describes some of the most useful content, which you will need to access if you wish to customize or add to your default Yellowfin deployment.

Directory Path or FileContent Description
\customcssPlace custom css files in this directory. Any files in this directory with a .css extension will be included in all pages.
\customimagesPlace custom image files in this directory. Any files in this directory will override files in the images directory with the same name.
\js\chartingLibrariesAdditional JavaScript chart libraries can be placed here.

Version information about the Yellowfin build.

\WEB-INF\custom-functions.xmlCustom SQL functions can be added to this file.
\WEB-INF\libAdditional JDBC drivers can be placed here.
\WEB-INF\log4j.propertiesThe Yellowfin logging level can be set in this file.
\WEB-INF\web.xmlMain Yellowfin web application configuration file.

Log file location

Yellowfin can log as little or as much detail as required for a range of purposes. For detailed information on the location and content of log files, see the Logs and Logging page.

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