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In our steps for setting up a Yellowfin sandbox, Yellowfin runs on port 8080 of your Docker host, with 4GB of allocated RAM.  

To deploy a self-contained instance with these defaults, follow the steps below.  

  1. Ensure Docker is running
  2. Copy the following text and paste it into your preferred text editor:

    version: '3' 
          - "8080:8080" # Maps Yellowfin running on port 8080 to the host's port 8080 environment: 
          - APP_MEMORY=4096 # The amount of memory in megabytes to assign to the Yellowfin Application. 
       image: "yellowfinbi/yellowfin-all-in-one:<RELEASE_VERSION_GOES_HERE>"
  3. Update <RELEASE_VERSION_GOES_HERE> with your release version (eg, 9.6.0) 
  4. Save the text to a YAML file called yellowfin-all-in-one.yml
  5. Run the following command in a terminal to deploy Yellowfin and execute it in the background:
    docker-compose up -d -f yellowfin-all-in-one.yml 
  6. Start Yellowfin by typing your host URL on port 8080.

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