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A directory of Yellowfin web services.

This directory doesn't include all of Yellowfin's web services. More web services will be added soon.

Administration web services
Category: Single Sign on
LOGINUSERTo define a user account to log into Yellowfin.
LOGINUSERNOPASSWORDTo enable a user to log in with only their username.

Category: User Management

ADDUSERTo create a new Yellowfin user.
ADDUSERSCreate multiple Yellowfin users together.
ADDUSERSIGNOREDUPLICATESCreates multiple new users, without any duplicates.
DELETEUSER/DELUSERTo delete a specified user from Yellowfin.
GETUSERThis function retrieves an existing Yellowfin user's details.
GETALLUSERSThis functions retrieves details of all the users, or all users in a specified client organization, if specified.
GETUSERBYIPUse this function to retrieve a user's details using their IP.
GETAVATARSThis function is used to retrieve all the users' avatar images.
VALIDATEUSERTo validate a Yellowfin user.
VALIDATEPASSWORDTo validate a user's password.
CHANGEPASSWORDTo change the password of a specified user.
RESETPASSWDTo reset a Yellowfin account and prompt its user to change the password.
UPDATEUSERTo update a user's details.
SETAVATARIMAGETo change a user's avatar or profile image.
LOGOUTUSERTo log out a user from their Yellowfin session using a session ID.
LOGOUTBYUSERIDTo log out a user from their Yellowfin session using either the user ID or their IP ID.

Category: Group & Role Administration

LISTROLESThis function lists all the user roles available in Yellowfin.
SAVEROLEThis creates a new role, or updates an existing one.
DELETEROLETo delete a user role.
LISTGROUPSThis displays all of Yellowfin's user groups, or those from a specified client org.
GETGROUPTo retrieve a specific group with its members.
CREATEGROUPTo create a new user group.
MODIFYGROUPTo update the members of a group.
RENAMEGROUPTo update the name of a user group.
DELETEGROUPTo delete an existing user group.
INCLUDEUSERINGROUPTo add a specific user to a group.
INCLUDEUSERSINGROUP  To add multiple users to a group.
EXCLUDEUSERFROMGROUPTo exclude a specific user from a group (they will stay in the member list, but as an excluded member).
EXCLUDEUSERFROMGROUP  To exclude multiple users from a group (they will stay in the member list, but as excluded members).
DELUSERFROMGROUPTo delete or remove a user from a group.
ASSIGNDEFAULTDASHBOARDAssigns a default dashboard to a user group.

Category: Client Org. Management

CREATECLIENTTo create a new client organization.
LISTCLIENTSLists all the client organizations in Yellowfin.
GETCLIENTGets details of a specified client organization.
DELETECLIENTDeletes a client organization.
UPDATECLIENTto update the details of a client organization.
LISTUSERSATCLIENTDisplay all the users belonging to a client organization.
ADDUSERACCESSGrants a user access to a specified client organization.
GETUSERACCESSLists all the client organizations of a specified user.
REMOVEUSERACCESRemoves a user's access to a client organization.

Category: User Object Retrieval & Manipulation

GETUSERREPORTRetrieves metadata of a specified report accessible for a user.
GETUSERREPORTSRetrieves details of reports that are saved with a web service name.
GETALLUSERREPORTSRetrieves details of all reports accessible for a user.
GETREPORTSWITHCOMMENTSFetches details of reports with comments.
GETUSERDRAFTREPORTSFetches details of a user's draft reports.
DELETEREPORTDeletes a specific report.
APPROVEREPORTApproves a report as the logged in user.
REJECTREPORTRejects a report as the logged in user.
COPYREPORTCreates a copy of a report.
GETINBOXRetrieves reports from a user's inbox.


Fetches a user's favourite reports.
ISREPORTFAVOURITEChecks if a specific report is marked as a user's favourite or not.
ADDTOFAVOURITES Adds a report as a user's favourite.
REMOVEFAVOURITERemoves a report from a user's favourite items. 
GETUSERTABSRetrieves the details of all tabs of a published dashboard.
GETUSERPARENTTABSFetches details of only the parent tab of a published dashboard.
GETUSERDRAFTTABSFetches details of a user's draft dashboard.
GETUSERDRAFTPARENTTABSRetrieves details of only the parent tab of a draft dashboard.
GETUSERTABSWITHREPORTSFetches details of a user's published dashboard, along with details of its reports.
GETUSERPARENTTABSWITHREPORTSRetrieves details of a parent tab, along with details of its reports.
GETUSERDRAFTTABSWITHREPORTSFetches details of a user's draft dashboard, along with details of its reports.
GETUSERDRAFTPARENTTABSWITHREPORTSFetches details of only the parent tab of a user's draft dashboard, along with the details of the entire dashboard's reports.
GETUSERPARENTREPORTGROUPSRetrieves details of a dashboard's parent and sub tabs.
TABSFROMPARENTGROUPIDFetches details of a dashboard tab, along with the sub tab IDs.
LOADTABREPORTSRetrieves the details of a dashboard tab's reports.
DELETETABTo delete a specified dashboard tab.
LISTPERSONFAVOURITESRetrieves a user's favourite Yellowfin objects, such as reports, dashboards, views, etc.
SAVEPERSONFAVOURITEAdds a Yellowfin object as a user's favourite.
REMOVEPERSONFAVOURITERemoves a Yellowfin object from a user's favourite items.
GETIDFORUUIDRetrieves the ID of a Yellowfin content when its UUID is provided.

Category: Export & Import Content

GETCONTENTReturns all exportable content.
EXPORTCONTENTExports Yellowfin content into an XML file.
GETEXPORTDEPENDENCIESReturns all dependencies of a specific content.
GETIMPORTCONTENTPrepares specified content from an XML or YFX file to be imported.
IMPORTCONTENTImports content from an XML or YFX file into Yellowfin.
IMPORTCONTENTNOVALIDATIONSimilar to the IMPORTCONTENT function, but does not validate the data source.
TESTIMPORTCONTENTImports content from an XML or YFX file and validates it.
TESTIMPORTCONTENTNOVALIDATIONSimilar to the TESTIMPORTCONTENT function, but does not validate the data source.
EXPORTTRANSLATIONALLExports translated content into a CSV file.
IMPORTTRANSLATIONImports a content translation CVS file into Yellowfin.

Category: Cache Management

UPLOADLICENCEUploads a new license for the Yellowfin instance.
DELGEOPACKRemoved a Geopack from the cache.
BINARYCACHEFLUSHRemoves classes from the binary class loader.
REFRESH_DASHBOARD_CACHED_FILTERSRemoves cached filters associated with a dashboard.
REFRESH_VIEW_CACHED_FILTERSRemoves cached filters associated with a view.

Refreshes the source filters for the specified data source connection.

RELOADCODESReloads specified Org reference codes within Yellowfin.
GEOMETRYFLUSHClears the geometry cache.
REMOVEVIEWRemoves a view's cache.
FLUSHREPORTRemoves a report's cached definitions in Yellowfin.
FLUSHTABRemoves a dashboard tab's cached definitions.
FLUSHPERSONRemoves a person record's cached definitions.
RELOADLICENCEReloads the licence definitions in Yellowfin.
CLOSECONNECTIONPOOLCloses the connection pool of a data source.
FLUSHTEXTENTITYRemoves a text entity from a cache.
FLUSHCACHEDFILTERCACHERemoves a cached filter.


Removes content management records from remote caches when a record is altered or deleted locally.


Removes a document from the cache.


Refreshes the access level of a specified content.

Category: Schedule Management

LISTSCHEDULESLists all the available schedules.
LOADSCHEDULERetrieves details of a specifed schedule.
SAVESCHEDULEUpdates details of a particular schedule.
DELETESCHEDULEDeletes a schedule.
RUNSCHEDULENOWRuns or executes a schedule.
PAUSESCHEDULEPauses the scheduled frequency of a schedule.
RESUMESCHEDULEResumes the scheduled frequency of a schedule.

Category: Data Source Management

LISTDATASOURCESRetrieves a list of all available data sources.
LOADDATASOURCELoads details of a specified data source.
SAVEDATASOURCESaves a new data source or updates an existing one.

Links the default org. data source with client org. sources for the Client Source substitution model.

DELETESOURCEDeletes a specified data source.

Category: Configuration

SAVECONFIGURATIONUpdates the system configuration settings in Yellowfin.
SAVECUSTOMPARAMETERUpdates the custom configuration settings in Yellowfin.
LOADCONFIGURATIONRetrieves the system configuration settings in Yellowfin.
LOADCUSTOMPARAMETERRetrieves the custom configuration settings in Yellowfin.
ENABLEADMINMODEEnables the Admin mode on a Yellowfin instance for all users.
DISABLEADMINMODEDisables the admin mode on a Yellowfin instance.
GETROLEFUNCTIONSRetrieves all user role functions in Yellowfin.


When set to TRUE, this forces Yellowfin to use legacy RC4 128-bit encryption for PDFs rather than the default  of AES 256-bit encrypted PDFs.

Category: View Management

EDITVIEWPlaces a Yellowfin view in draft mode.
ADDCOLUMNTOVIEWAdds a column to a view.
PUBLISHVIEWSaves and publishes a Yellowfin view.
DELETEVIEWDeletes a specified view.

Category: Miscellaneous

TESTTests to see if the Yellowfin server is active or not.
INFOAnother service that tests the Yellowfin server activity.
METADATASQLQUERYTo perform an SQL query directly on a Yellowfin database.
GETCATEGORIESReturns the categories/subcategories (folders/subfolders) in Yellowfin.
GETDRAFTCATEGORIESReturns the categories/subcategories (folders/subfolders) that are in the draft mode.
DELETECATEGORYDeletes a specific category/subcategory (folder/subfolder).

Report web services

Category: Report formatting services
HTML/HTMLCHARTONLY/HTMLTABLEONLYReturns an HTML representation of a report.
XLS/XLSXReturns a specified report in XLS or XLSX form.
DOC/DOCXReturns a specified report in the DOC or DOCX format.
PDFReturns a specified report in PDF form.
CSVReturns a specified report in CSV form.
TEXT Returns a specified report in TEXT form.
PRINT Returns a specified report in a printable form.

Category: Functional report services

TESTTests if the report service is working.
INFORetrieves details of a specified report.
SCHEMAFetches schematic details of a report.
FILTEROPTIONSReturns the filter values of a specified report
RESULTSETRetrieves the result data of a specified report.
FORMATTEDRESULTSETRetrieves the raw result of a report with the formatters.
SENDTOEMAILSends a report to an email address.
COMMANDInteracts with a report, such as by changing a report page, or performing drill-through.

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